Rumoured to be director Michael Bay's last time directing a Transformers film, this is sadly not be a memorable farewell to the franchise.
The long-lost twin thing has been done (many, many times) before, but that doesn’t stop Despicable Me 3 from being a fun, action-packed romp for the whole family.
Polina follows the journey of Russian dancer of the same name (Anastasia Shevtsova) from promising childhood to failure, to ultimate success.
Mummies are hardly new film fodder, but luckily the latest reboot of The Mummy is a captivating, thrilling ride.
For now, the park will focus on My Neighbour Totoro, but one can hope!
With the release of The Mummy on Thursday, Universal launches its “Dark Universe” – a series of inter-connected movies featuring classic monsters.
After the atrocity that was 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you would be forgiven for taking a pass on Gal Godot's solo Wonder Woman vehicle.
There are two kinds of people in the world: peacemakers and mess makers. Usually their lives take very different paths, but when those paths cross, you end up with a beautiful story.
Seeing five years condensed into little over an hour is a powerful experience.
The fifth film in the huge Disney-owned franchise recaptures a little of the magic of the first film, and adds some emotional weight to some of the original characters too.
To help you make sense of the franchise, here is some vital information, and nuggets of trivia, you never knew about one of the world's most popular make-believe world.