A teacher finds it hard to leave his temporary post at a rural school after a devastating earthquake shatters the village.
Two children from eras 50 years apart look for missing family members, and find a surprising connection.
Supporting cast also gets the job done, while action sequences are over-the-top but satisfying.
Searching for a strong female role model to look up to? Here are our picks for the best women-led series on the small screen.
A blind adoptee discovers his past is a lie and goes on a trip to find out his true origins.
We at YP don’t necessarily think the Oscar nominations were particularly the best of the year...
A bankrupt Japanese chef sets out to find a world-famous recipe in The Last Recipe. The film explores themes such as friendship, racial unity, and death, but most importantly, the power of food to unite people.
Goodbye Christopher Robin offers a glimpse into the life of celebrated British writer A. A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and how he created the beloved Winnie the Pooh tales.
From Starlord's style and substance when fighting an entire planet, to besties Thor and the Hulk duking it out, these moments were awesome.
Celebrating individual differences, friendship, and racial unity, Ferdinand is an adorable and hilarious animation about a giant bull that prefers flowers to bullfighting.
T’Challa is a ruler first and a superhero second, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is better for it.