Origami, which dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868) in Japan, is the act of folding paper into decorative shapes and objects.
Being the top reporter is not just about writing an article. It’s about commitment and passion and getting the story in before deadline. Take a look at ...
The uSmile team
When they were just in Year 8, a group of Sha Tin College students started the uSmile Fund, a charity that supports underprivileged students.
The volunteers were hard at work carving their soap
Seeing me wearing a surgical mask and plastic gloves, anyone would have thought I was at an operation theatre. But no, I was actually helping out at Soap Cycling Hong Kong.
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I am a form four student from Sing Yin Secondary School and I am also a member of Sing Yin Pioneers. Sing Yin Pioneers is a students organisation run ...
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Hong Kong is well known for its night skyline. But every night beside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, you can find lines of street sleepers. In March, I had ...
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What do you think of when you’re talking about volunteering? Selling Flags? Visiting elderly homes? But I am going to report a volunteering activity which ...
Lau Wing-yan
While teenagers’ awareness of needy people may have been raised, it took a while before they started to do something to contribute to the community. Lau Wing-yan ...
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One glance across the harbour and you see a wonderful sight – the Victoria Harbour skyline displaying its iconic architecture, reflecting the lifestyle and ...
(from left) Cherry, Kitty, Nicky and Jasmine in the community centre after after their voluntary service
Many ethnic minority children suffer delays in both academic and social progress because, unlike local children, they are not native Cantonese speakers.
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“Help others” are easy words to say, but do you have the determination to do it? Would you be willing to sacrifice your canned coffee once a month? Can you ...