There are some books you should read before you head off to university. This week we bring you a coming-of-age story that highlights some of the insecurities faced by many teenagers.
One of the pleasures of settling down with a good book is when the author takes you off to a place you might have heard of but know nothing about.
In 1934, Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express, a book that turned out to be one of her most ingenious stories. Robin Stevens follows in the great Agatha’s footsteps.
Behind this new Steven Spielberg epic, these are things you may not know about this classic children's story.
Young Post has come up with a list of great books you should read before you head off to university. This week’s novel is set in a society where books are outlawed and ‘firemen’ burn any that are found.
Gavriel Savit’s debut YA novel is a beautifully written story about war, survival and the power of friendship. It starts in 1939, as Nazi troops slowly tighten their stranglehold of the Polish city of Krakow .
Make the most of the summer holidays by reading up on some books you really should have read before you get to university. This week, we look at Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart.
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Never have movie adaptations strayed as far from their classic literary equivalents as Alice Through the Looking Glass has ... or has it?
Chief Muppet, Kermit the Frog, once sang a song called It’s Not Easy Being Green; the song is about how, if you’re an outsider, life isn’t always a lot of fun.