Book titles don’t come any more self-explanatory than this. No prizes for guessing the story the witty and funny Kaye Umansky is going to tell in her latest spellbinding novel.
Dorothy Parker was an American poet, short story writer, critic most famous for her wit and wisecracks.
In New York in 1900, a children’s author called L. Frank Baum published a short novel that was to become one of the most famous stories of all time. The Wizard of Oz.
Dutch YA author Tonke Dragt is a secret waiting to be discovered by readers who love a good adventure yarn. She’s been described as the Dutch J. K.Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien.
There had always been something a bit mysterious about Miss MacLachlan, something she kept hidden behind her friendly smile, and all her pupils loved her for it.
The winner of the Costa Children’s Book Award in 2105 was Frances Hardinge’s The Lie Tree; not only did this novel win the award in its section, it was also named Costa Book of the Year.
Make the most of the summer holidays by reading up on some books you really should have read before you get to university. This week, we look at George Orwell's 1984.
This beautiful musical story takes place in Venice in the early 18th century. The action unfolds in and around the Ospedale della Pietà, a real orphanage and music school run by nuns in the middle of the city.
“I am no storyteller,” Maresi tells us when she begins to recount the events that happened when she was at the Red Abbey. But in the following pages, we discover the opposite of what she claims.
Here we are again in a dystopian future where adults have messed things up and teenagers are struggling to create a world worth living in.
If a lion tamer teaches big cats how to adapt to being told what to do and not kill its humans, you can probably work out what animal wilders do.