Sometimes the best ideas for a cracking book are the simplest. Take four mismatched kids, strand them in the middle of the Amazon jungle, and challenge them to get home.
Looking for a great new book to sink your teeth now that exams are over and the holidays are here? Here are our top picks for sizzling summer reads.
Most books you read, remember for a short while, and then move onto the next one. Sally Christie’s The Icarus Show isn’t one of these. This unique and beautifully imagined novel with its small cast of great characters and gripping plot is something exceptional.
Derek Landy has kept us well supplied with fantasy wonders before and since the record-breaking success of 2009′s Skulduggery Pleasant. As a refresher, we have you covered with an A-to-Z guide to the world of Skulduggery Pleasant.
Time-slip novels have been a popular form of fiction since Alice fell down that rabbit hole. One moment the central character is in one particular time and place, and then it’s through the back of the wardrobe or something or other. And then the story can begin.
Debut Australian author Matilda Woods has taken three very different ingredients – a boy, a bird and a coffin maker – and combined them to come up with a beautifully written novel for young and not-so-young readers.
What a pleasure it is to read a book like Lissa Evans’ Wed Wabbit. This book has 11-year-old Fidge as its protagonist, but it isn’t a book just for younger readers.
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It’s such a relief to find something totally bonkers hiding amongst all the earnest novels weighing down the shelves in the children’s section of a bookshop
Coincidence plays a massive part in the lives of the two fragile and damaged teenagers at the centre of Jennifer Niven’s Young Adult debut All the Bright Places.