An anti-LGBT group has revealed that copies of 10 children’s books about homosexuality and transgendered people have been moved to the closed stacks section of Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL).
mysteries fall into place_L
Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne is a story about an eight-year-old, but it is for any reader who wants to experience an unusual, intriguing and well-written novel...
boy battles sinister shadows_L
It's convenient when the title of a book tells you exactly what you are going to read, and a novel called The Lunatic's Curse by F. E. Higgins can only mean one thing...
Someone is waiting to destroy_L
I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchettis a brilliant, funny and inventive novel that should on no account be missed...
invisble fiends_L
Read the title of Barry Hutchinson's new series of novels - Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles - very carefully. No, there isn't a spelling mistake...
Burning Mountain_L
Teenage novels as powerful and intelligent as Lucy Adlington's Burning Mountain don't come along very often. When they do, they remind you what good writing is all about.
the liberators_L
In Philip Womack's The Liberators, it's London's turn to quake before an evil menace that intends to bring the city to its knees...
When the going gets tough, the young go solo_L
Niccolo Ammaniti is one of Italy's up-and-coming writers of fiction for young adults. I'm Not Scared is the first of his stories to be translated into English - and it's a corker
The Red Pyramid_L
Fans both young and old of half-boy, half-god Percy will lap up The Red Pyramid, the first book in Riordan's rip-roaring new series.
Lies is the third book in Michael Grant's exciting series...
Billionaire Boy_L
David Walliams's Billionaire Boy is witty, funny and preposterous, with one or two serious thoughts lurking underneath the comic surface at the same time...