Book titles don’t come any more self-explanatory than this. No prizes for guessing the story the witty and funny Kaye Umansky is going to tell in her latest spellbinding novel.
New textbooks aren’t the only pages you should be reading now school has started again. Here are some of the novels due out this season we’re excited about.
The Murdstone Trilogy will appear to fantasy-haters and fantasy-fans because of its cleverness.
Anthropomorphic novels where animals speak in human language and take on human personality traits are difficult to pull off because of credibility issues. Luckily, Nilanjan Roy’s The Wildings finds this delicate harmony in this worthy debut work.
Lindsay Eagar’s Hour of the Bees is a spellbinding tale that deserves a chance to become a modern classic.
Everything about this book is carefully designed to pull the reader into something different: it’s not your regular Young Adult fantasy.
If you love reading, and you’re looking for somewhere to hang out during your summer break, you could visit some of the city’s indie bookstores.
There’s an awful lot of writing heft and weight behind this new adventure story for younger readers. The Royal Rabbits of London is the Montefiores’ first novel for young readers and their first ever collaboration.
If you’re anything like us, you love to read ... but sometimes, it can be hard finding new reading material that isn’t just the stuff everyone else is reading, too.
From the critically acclaimed The Fault in our Stars, to his funny and interactive Youtube channel, vlogbrothers, John Green has become an instant sensation among avid readers and teenagers alike.
Dan Drake is an astronaut working on the International Space Station four hundred kilometres above the surface of the earth, and everyone is watching him on TV and on their phones.