Exam tips

1. B 2. tradition 3. The herbs in the tea are meant to relieve the humidity and heat within the human body. 4. (i) regulates the circulation of the body’s qi
The first written HKDSE exam starts tomorrow, but what can you do to prevent yourself from making any careless mistakes in the run-up to your own assessments?
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How can you achieve a high score in this year’s DSE maths exam? A top scorer and a tutor say that one way is to visualise the problems.
Chemistry tutor Winnie Chan, and top DSE scorers Melody Tam Lok-man and Moses Lam Ka-nam reveal their best tips and tricks for acing your DSE Chemistry exam.
The DSE English Language exam is fast approaching. With less than two months to go, what can you do to improve your score?
The English language portion of the school-based assessment is worth 15 per cent of your total DSE score. Two English teachers offer useful tips on how to make your answers stand out.
Three second year medical students from the University of Hong Kong are trying to make the DSEs easier for some students. They have created Bridge To Success, a tutoring organisation.
1. criticising2. 403. A test that reveals allergic reactions. / A way to find out what someone is allergic to by pricking the skin and putting a substance under the skin.4. i) NG      ii) T      iii) F
1. too much / excessive/ unnecessary2. is not cool or fashionable anymore3. i) Tii) NGiii ) NG4. i) a thirst for adrenaline/excitementii ) a sense of survival/survival instinct