Exam tips

1. B 2. tradition 3. The herbs in the tea are meant to relieve the humidity and heat within the human body. 4. (i) regulates the circulation of the body’s qi
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Festivals are a popular choice for test questions, either written or oral. So it’s always a good idea to have some “festival ammunition” up your sleeve just in case the topic arises.
Studying for exams can be stressful, boring and frustrating – especially when you’ve worked hard, but still don’t achieve good results.
1. Basi’s handlers celebrated her life by holding a memorial service. 2. Basi only lived at the Research and Exchange Centre for 33 of her 37 years because she was rescued from the wild when she was four. 3. D – grateful
1. Roman architecture and beautiful coastlines 2. The Republic of Venice 3. It has the narrowest street in the world. 4. It is hidden in the rocks.
1. He was one of the most famous manga artists in Japan./ He was Japan’s best-loved manga artist. 2. C 3. He had to leave the war because he lost his left arm in an Allied air raid.
1. They are more health-conscious and want to pursue a healthier diet. 2. They provide quick delivery service. / They are easy to use. / It provides users with higher quality but inexpensive meals. 3. (i) T          
Memorising is tough, but it doesn’t have to be if you do it right. Here are simple ways to help you improve the effectiveness of your note-taking and you don't have to waste time making up songs.
1. (i) healing pimples (ii ) healing a sore throat 2. (i) four  (ii ) What herbs and insects are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as what produce comes from the wetlands which we use it every day without knowing it.