Exam tips

1. To enhance its flavour and colour. 2. tea leaves, hot water, evaporated milk and sugar 3. The habit of drinking milk tea has spread from the grassroots to every social class.
1. too much / excessive/ unnecessary2. is not cool or fashionable anymore3. i) Tii) NGiii ) NG4. i) a thirst for adrenaline/excitementii ) a sense of survival/survival instinct
Young Post asked Cana Elite Education Centre tutor Tim Lee and Emerson Blais, a tutor from NTK Academic Group, for some useful tips for those of your a little nervous about the SAT.
1. It was because her mother died suddenly when she was eight, and her father died of alcoholism two years later.2. an orphan.
Idioms about countries, cities, citizens and their language can be useful to help you describe things better
The IELTS can be your ticket to studying abroad, so here are some experts' secrets to getting the scores you want.
1. blindingly2. Yes. You could just go outside, gaze at the stars for 10 minutes, and then go back to the hotel, according to Lucy Christie3. things like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and toothpaste
1. He discovered that American football players could suffer from a brain disorder previously found only in boxers. / His medical research put him on bad terms with one of America’s most powerful institutions, the NFL.
Brother’s devotion and teacher’s labour give boy the hand he lacked at birth
Why are Washington's most powerful women all wearing this jacket?