Exam tips

1. B 2. tradition 3. The herbs in the tea are meant to relieve the humidity and heat within the human body. 4. (i) regulates the circulation of the body’s qi
1. professional athletes/sports stars 2. (i) catchphrase (ii) mantra 3. China has set a goal of being an AI leader by 2030 but is suffering from an acute shortage of experienced AI talent.
1. vacuum flasks 2. They were often used as props in films.
1. (i) Children in Hong Kong are spending more time in front of screens than their peers in mainland China and the US
1. (Hong Kong has been) a shock to the system 2. wiping me out 3. They are convenient, fast and cheap. 4. C
1. the iPhone 2. The opinion that a phone with basic functions such as a good camera, and enough storage for your music and movies is “good enough”, and you don’t always need the “best” brand or technology. 3. C 
1. i) slowdown in China ii) strong local currency/locals shopping overseas 2. B 3. business in Hong Kong will suffer even more
1. (i) you celebrate around a plastic tree in a tiny flat (ii) you spend all your money on an overpriced Christmas set menu 2. D 3. It is not full of tourists./Not many tourists go. 4. D
1. Springmann and her family light the first of four candles on the Advent wreath and open the first window of their chocolate-filled advent calendars.  2. (i) festivities (ii) wreath (iii) native