Exam tips

1. A 2. He predicts that Cantonese will dies out soon if it is not protected.  3. C 4. D  5. B
1. Until now, the relationship has been one-sided. In 2018, it’s all about having a conversation with your technology. 2. C. 3. “hit and miss”/ “let the team down”/ “had a moment”
1. to help tackle the nation’s chronic smog/pollution problem 2. experimental
1. because many students took part, which means there is interest in science and technology 2. C 3. The winning invention was a cheap, recyclable gel that can absorb oil, for example from oil spills. 
1. Spoiled generations of children who are indulged by their parents and grandparents and born into privilege and political correctness. 
1. professional athletes/sports stars 2. (i) catchphrase (ii) mantra 3. China has set a goal of being an AI leader by 2030 but is suffering from an acute shortage of experienced AI talent.
1. vacuum flasks 2. They were often used as props in films.