Exam tips

1. It implies that her friends didn't consider her decision normal, and that they felt most people wouldn’t make that choice. / It implies her friends were worried about her reasons for quitting her job.
1. Hong Kong isn’t doing enough to end plastic pollution./ Despite people trying to end plastic pollution in honour of Earth Day, it does not seem like Hong Kong is close to that goal. 2. C 
1. C  2. The music sounded horrible 3. The damage to his arm was too great for them to fix 4. his left, “not least that Shum is right-handed, and had to learn to use the bow with his left arm” 
1. C 2. A   3. It implies that Chinese society’s traditional view is that a woman should be educated but not too educated. It is a negative thing in the eyes of society if a woman becomes too smart. 
1. A  2. D   3. Because if she doesn’t start now, then the people who might know where her parents are might die of old age. 4. B  
No matter how good your English is, this exam can still trip you up if you don’t know how to properly approach it. Here’s how you can be one step ahead of the examiner.
1. A 2. A  3. He expects students to work hard and be passionate about lion dancing. 4. (i) native  (ii) mimic  (iii) influence