Here is the plain truth: being able to do everything thanks to good time management is a lie. A sham. A scam.
Hong Kong Airlines Embrace the World Student Sponsorship Programme 2016/17 is taking nine local secondary school students on a trip of a lifetime,...
Koalas and kangaroos! Oh my! Hong Kong Airlines Embrace the World Student Sponsorship Programme 2016/17 is taking nine local secondary school...
Three physically demanding activities made for a fun but exhausting day on the Hong Kong Airlines Embrace the World Student Sponsorship Programme...
Japanese Prime Minister and ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Shinzo Abe (2nd from right) attends a campaign
Abenomics’s first two arrows helped boost aggregate demand, but masked problems missed by Abe’s unfired, double-edged third arrow of politically sensitive structural reform.
An officer checks the documents of a student crossing into Hong Kong to attend school at Lok Ma Chau
The simple yellow line at the border between Mainland China and Hong Kong separates two completely different places, marking the boundary between the “Two Systems” of “One Country.” Not only is it a...
April's adventures extend beyond college and the "Claremont Bubble".
Having lived in Claremont, Calif. for three months now, I find it easy to be “stuck” in our comfortable “Claremont bubble”, whose tranquil cafés, bakeries, and froyo shops have become lovely weekend...
Danny (second from left) with kids in Changsha, China
Service-learning, an important component of civic engagement, has recently become more and more popular, and is now considered one of the most effective educational methods, enabling students to...
Who says only boys can lift weights?
My session on Monday night was amazing. Tracy was my trainer, and she spent a lot of time with me one-on-one helping me really perfect my technique.
Re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff waves to the crowd following her win on October 26, 2014
Dilma Rousseff should strike a middle ground between business and consumer interests by launching efficient social programs while making it easy to do business.
April studying Economics at the Quantitative Skills Center, Pomona College
The way our ECON051 (Macroeconomics Principles) class is organised, we have either an assignment or a quiz (with the exception of the mid-term session) every Wednesday. During each class, we also...
The face of concentration
Week two has definitely been a week of high highs and low lows for Lucy. But she's beginning to understand why people keep coming back for more.
Mainland China is on a strong anti-corruption, anti-monopoly, and equal opportunity drive, yet it reverses its course with Hong Kong. Perhaps this is because the political fight has overshadowed the...
At Crossfit852 everyone pushes and encourages everyone else.
I have always loved sports, but I've never enjoyed the gym much. Finding the motivation to go is hard, and even when I get there I am quite non-committal in my efforts without anyone to push me. I...