Community service never ends

Community service never ends


Alex passes a brand-new comforter to a family
Alex passes a brand-new comforter to a family
Photo: Alex Hung


Villagers gathered to pick up the donated supplies
Villagers gathered to pick up the donated supplies
Photo: Alex Hung


Photo: Alex Hung
HKOTSSA aims to enhance student awareness of community welfare and social issues so they too can help the needy and serve the community.

In 1992, I received the Hong Kong Outstanding Student Services Award which has been organised by the Hong Kong Student Services Association since 1991. Soon, they will be handing out awards to the 24th batch of awardees and I can't wait to meet them.

We were nominated from all tertiary institutions in Hong Kong for our contribution in community service. I am proud to be one of them and we continue to serve the needy. The Hong Kong Outstanding Student Services Award gives us a chance to know one another and help encourage community services across industries and years.

Last October, I went with my Rotary Club of Peninsula to aid in flood relief in the western part of Hunan province in Mainland China. The serious flooding happened in July 2014. Many mud houses were destroyed and washed away. Some wooden houses and crops were damaged as well. People were living temporarily in tents. Many suffered in this disaster as the water level reached record-high.

Slow flood relief in Hunan made the disaster much more severe. Materials cannot be delivered efficiently to the victims, leaving them helpless and waiting. When we visited, we had to go through many rugged roads before arriving in the region most affected by the flooding.

Upon arrival, we checked the names of victims on noticeboards and then visited them with comforters and other donations. This ensured the goods were really given to those in need. We had inspected the comforters at the factory so that the quality is ensured. We also gave candy to the children, which brought them some small joy.

In the village, there was a slogan posted on the wall of a primary school which read, “Think about how you need to strive today”. I was very touched by it. I hope that community service will last, and not just a one-time event. I believe that no matter how old you are, you can help others if you want to.


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