The Cadet Diaries #12

The Cadet Diaries #12


Lil' Ashes' Pollie Tong & Jonathan Wut
Lil' Ashes' Pollie Tong & Jonathan Wut
Photo: Thomas Yau/SCMP
Throughout the year, Young Post hosts a number of students to work full-time in our office for a period of two weeks. Here, the cadets will gain some valuable hands-on experience on what it's like to have a 9-5 job, working for a newspaper, shadowing reporters on assignment and participating in any of the wackiness that goes on here. The cadets will share their stories at YP in a series of blogs.

I was hyped to come back to the SCMP office and start writing again. It’s just been a few weeks since school’s been out, but I felt as if I haven’t used my brain for months.

I worked at Young Post a few months ago, and on my last day I didn’t want to leave! I was glad to find nothing much has changed in the Young Post office when I came back - tables were still messily covered by old editions of Young Posts and other bits of paper. I was a bit disappointed when Leon the web editor wasn’t there on my first day, since everything’s a bit more fun with him around. But I did get to talk to Joyee a bit more this time. She gave me two makeup products to write a short review on and of course, I couldn’t say no. Free makeup!

A couple of days later, I went out with Chris for an interview with two new indie artists, Lil’ Ashes and Shandy. I was surprised when he told me he knows Pollie, the lead singer of Lil' Ashes, because she is a fan of his friend, another singer in Singapore. It was quite refreshing to meet her because she was fangirling over Chris’s friend half of the time during the interview.

It was then when I realized that artists are really like any other person - they fangirl over their idols just like I do and they’re not necessarily tall and super glamorous looking. In fact, if I saw the musicians walking on the street, I wouldn’t even suspect they are artists who are signed by a large record company.

I can’t believe I've already spent a week working for Young Post already. Although waking up early for work is horrible, it’s an experience I definitely treasure very much.

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