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23 Nov 2017 Here are five takeaways from Rosalind Wiseman’s treatise on male social dynamics in high school, Masterminds and Wingmen.
17 Nov 2017 The truly generous nature of Hongkongers comes alive at Christmas, but did you know that the campaign began, not in 1988, but in 1960?
16 Nov 2017 Five students who were found to have tuberculosis (TB) in September have returned to school after being cleared by a medical professional, according to a school spokesperson.
16 Nov 2017 We pored through the report from the examination authority and have come up with tips for all four papers.
09 Nov 2017 The well loved British author of countless children’s classics also has a darker side to his literary genius. Read these short stories to find out more.
08 Nov 2017 A report found that this year’s liberal studies exam candidates had trouble interpreting pictures, and were unable to critically examine a given issue.
08 Nov 2017 The Territory-wide Systems Assessment still shows need for improvement in key areas of English learning
03 Nov 2017 Before you head over to The World of Tintin exhibition starting later this month, catch up with this list of classics handpicked by a long-time fan.
01 Nov 2017 There is a worrying lack of certain historical events in the proposed curriculum that teachers will have to make up for, says legislator Ip Kin-yuen
26 Oct 2017 Committees aim to recruit those aged 18-35 to increase youth engagement in government, as a bureau spokesperson pledges recruitment will be done in an "open, fair, and just way".