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19 Oct 2017 In a tale of aspirations and advice transmitted between characters from two different time periods, this Japanese drama reminds us that strong bonds can be formed through the most mysterious of circumstances.
16 Oct 2017 Great acting and amusing plot twists make this adaptation of popular manga series a fun time for everyone.
12 Oct 2017 We pick the brain of a clinical psychologist to find out the best ways to store and retrieve information for your next test.
12 Oct 2017 Students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and Germany, are taking part in a four-day hackathon co-organised by Goethe-Institut and the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland.
11 Oct 2017 HK’s new leader releases progress report of the government’s work so far, but public outlook tells us more.
10 Oct 2017 By not only focusing on the negative aspects such as discrimination, documentary also gives us a glimpse of their happier moments as they work far from home.
08 Oct 2017 Tense final round was only resolved with a tiebreaker between Island School and French International School Team Two.
03 Oct 2017 Treatise on fate is nicely wrapped around a teenage romance plot but doesn't have a strong enough storyline to fully explore its many ideas.
01 Oct 2017 Golden Orchestra! is the sort of film you pop on when you want to relax and reboot after a tiring week. It’s uncomplicated, has intentionally silly plots and over-the-top acting, and tells a straightforward story with a happy ending – what’s not to love?
01 Oct 2017 The director of the film about life after death discusses his inspiration behind the story and overcoming self-doubt.