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18 Aug 2017 The English-language pro says success sometimes means making sacrifices and putting others first.
11 Aug 2017 After experiencing early success followed by devastating loss, Sandra Mak's new philosophy is to “spend time in what you believe in".
08 Aug 2017 There are many benefits to playing sport, from getting fit to making friends. But for some Hong Kong teens, it’s a chance to change their lives.
04 Aug 2017 It was impossible to avoid Pokémon Go, but you may not know that it’s predecessor was invented by HK’s own Keith Li way back in 2005, before the iPhone itself.
28 Jul 2017 If you claim to be a fan of Hong Kong design and architecture, you will have heard of Goods of Desire (G.O.D.), DelayNoMore, or – at the very least – been to the 1960s style cha chaan teng Starbucks on Duddell Street.
21 Jul 2017 Veteran headhunter and columnist Alison Chang says the key to success is to follow your instincts and make yourself valuable.
20 Jul 2017 A father trains his daughters to become wrestlers in order to chase after his own unfulfilled dreams.
18 Jul 2017 As you prepare for this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair, here are some interesting facts about the annual exhibition that most people aren’t aware of.
16 Jul 2017 The 15-year-old German Swiss International School student is making waves ahead of competing in the 17th Fina World Championships 2017 in Hungary.
14 Jul 2017 If you know anything about the history of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, you must have heard of Mary Cheung, the winner of the 1975 show. Fast-forward 22 years, and Cheung is now a professional image consultant.