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25 Apr 2017 A government-funded ­secondary school faces having to stop teaching in English because of a growing difference in student abilities, its principal said.
24 Apr 2017 The MTR Corporation is planning on relaxing some of its older by-laws, some which include banning filming with mobile phones, or not letting passengers swear when they’re on the train.
21 Apr 2017 If you’re planning on making Britain your next travel destination, set aside a few days to go to Northern Ireland’s capital city, Belfast. Northern Ireland shares a border with the Republic of Ireland, and is only an hour’s flight away from major cities like London, Edinburgh and Manchester. So it’s super convenient to get there, and it’s pretty cheap, too.
20 Apr 2017 Fuzzy, fluffy or scaly, with two fins, four limbs or eight legs, and with wings, tails or hooves – we all love animal films (yep, even those of you who say they hate animals, love them).
19 Apr 2017 Finding your path in life is difficult no matter where you’re from; but it can feel extra tough when you’re shut out by the city you call home.
15 Apr 2017 Making HK-style milk tea, which represents two cultures fusing into one, takes skill.
14 Apr 2017 HK band calls track a ‘pure disgrace’ while teenage student says it shows another side of Hong Kong.
13 Apr 2017 When Estelle Tang discovered that she was talented in both taekwondo and shotput, the 17-year-old decided that she’d simply ace both sports rather than just pick one.
10 Apr 2017 Magic is not just about the tricks and illusions. It can also bring people closer, bringing joy and satisfaction to the magician and the audience alike.
28 Mar 2017 16 students found out there’s plenty that's different between an all-girls’ and an all-boys’ school; but many similarities too.