Wong Tsui-kai

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20 Sep 2017 Young Post talks to two teenage techies about juggling school and social life and still finding time to win gold in the MOS World Champions competition.
25 Aug 2017 Taylor Swift's new song isn't breaking the internet, but it's pretty close.
12 Aug 2017 The city’s favourite indie rock band is still going strong and has no intention of slowing down.
07 Aug 2017 Team China’s teamwork and map control wins them the tournament and a HK$300,000 prize.
28 Jul 2017 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was billed as a visual spectacle from the trailers, and in that respect it delivers completely.
14 Jul 2017 Maths may not be as easy as pi (geddit?) but it is a pretty important part of our lives in and out of the classroom, and here’s why.
22 Jun 2017 Rumoured to be director Michael Bay's last time directing a Transformers film, this is sadly not be a memorable farewell to the franchise.
30 May 2017 At 2:10 in the afternoon today, police recieved a report of a suspicious package outside a store at Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui.
26 May 2017 Seeing five years condensed into little over an hour is a powerful experience.
20 Apr 2017 Fuzzy, fluffy or scaly, with two fins, four limbs or eight legs, and with wings, tails or hooves – we all love animal films (yep, even those of you who say they hate animals, love them).