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26 Jul 2017 A case pursuing legal action against lawmakers Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and Cheng Chung-tai can’t continue because the plaintiff has not yet paid the HK$20,000 court case deposit.
25 Jul 2017 The Hong Kong government today unveiled the details of “co-location arrangements” at the local terminus of the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou.
24 Jul 2017 Competition in self-financing degree courses is fiercer after the approval of the government’s July 19 funding boost for education of HK$3.6 billion, with 32 applicants competing for each place in the Open University’s animation and visual effects course.
22 Jul 2017 The record-breaking swimmer is set to make it to the finals at the competition this week.
20 Jul 2017 According to a public opinion poll released on Tuesday, two of Hong Kong’s most recently disqualified pan-democratic lawmakers are ranked among the city’s best performers in the Legislative Council.
19 Jul 2017 Hong Kong’s Finance Committee passed the bill today after tense meetings and political upset.
19 Jul 2017 This year, the most competitive bachelor’s degree programme among graduating Form Six students is early childhood education.
18 Jul 2017 More school students are being caught earning pocket money by selling fake goods online, now the main platform for offloading counterfeit items.
17 Jul 2017 Recent government figures show that air quality in Hong Kong has improved, but levels of pollution are still dangerously high and will only get worse due to too much traffic, an environmental group has warned.
14 Jul 2017 The high court disqualified the four lawmakers today for their behaviour while taking their oaths, but they plan to appeal.