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18 Oct 2017 Young Post’s intrepid intern Joshua Lee volunteered (was forced to) to use a Nokia 105 for a week and here’s what he learned about life with a smartphone.
12 Oct 2017 Live Nation Lushington announced today the Grammy-award winner’s Hong Kong performance will be at the AsiaWorld-Expo on May 12, 2018.
09 Oct 2017 As a student in Hong Kong, every dollar counts. Young Post shares the best ways to get around the city cheaply.
03 Oct 2017 The messaging platform is replacing the Apple-designed icons with its own set, but users don’t see much difference
03 Oct 2017 Most young people in Hong Kong have little interest in policy making, according to the initial findings of a consultation conducted by the Commission on Youth.
02 Oct 2017 Inaccurate names are due to property developers wanting classy sounding names to sell more flats.
25 Sep 2017 Sixteen-year-old South Island School students Adrian Seto and Ethan Wong have broken the Guinness World Record for the most basketball passes in a minute by a pair.
24 Sep 2017 Sheldon, Edward and Mike make videos dedicated to sharing hilarious, relatable insights into being an Asian living abroad.
24 Sep 2017 A Taxi Driver is a thrilling, tear-jerking, thoroughly entertaining Korean film.
18 Sep 2017 If you turned 18 after July 25, or you have not already registered to become an elector, you will not be able to vote in next year’s by-election.