Fashion forward Belgium

Fashion forward Belgium

In collaboration with Belgian Spirit – an initiative to promote Belgian architecture, design and fashion in Asia – Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and IVE (Lee Wai Lee) presents the fashion design exhibition Dress Code at the institute’s exhibition venue, d-mart


Charles Kaisin, curator of Dress Code, on his signature K-Bench.
Charles Kaisin, curator of Dress Code, on his signature K-Bench.

Through displaying unique fashion pieces from Belgium, HKDI hopes to inspire creativity in their design students. It offers an opportunity for students to participate in the exhibition by inviting them to use recycled materials to create outfits for the seven hat pieces designed by Elvis Pompilio, a Belgian fashion designer who specialises in hats. Instead of showcasing each hat on a naked mannequin, Kaisin is pleased to have a matching outfit for each design now, through the joint effort of HKDI students.

To better understand the selection of fashion pieces and their designers, a guided tour conducted by HKDI  students can be arranged for local students and the general public. Teachers and parents can call the HKDI hotline 3928 2566 for further arrangements.



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