Script: Listening Exercise 35

Script: Listening Exercise 35

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John Millen used to teach English and French in a secondary school in the UK. He believes telling others about a good book is a brilliant thing to do.
On the way to work

Four people are talking about the journey to work they make each workday. Listen to what they say and then fill in the answer questionnaires with the relevant information.

Voice 1: Good morning. My name is Milly and I work in a bank in Central. I work Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. I love my job but I hate the journey I have to do every morning to get there. It’s so boring. I leave home at six-forty five every morning including Saturday. The whole journey takes one hour thirty minutes and it’s very tiring. I take a bus from my home to Mei Foo and then I get the MTR. Of course the buses and the MTR are packed at that time in the morning. I always listen to music on my mp3 player to make the journey go more quickly. I finish work at 6.30 during the week and sometimes the journey at night doesn’t take as long as it did in the morning. I am always tired and hungry when I get home.

Voice 2: I’m Bobby. I don’t mind my journey to work at all. I work in a phone shop in Causeway Bay. I work six days a week. Every day except Mondays. The shop opens at eleven and I leave home at about ten fifteen. I take a mini bus from outside my apartment block right to Causeway Bay. It’s very convenient. Some of my friends take ages to get to work. I always read during the journey. I love manga and I make sure I have the latest book with me when I travel to work. The shop closes at nine and I always go straight home.

Voice 3: Hello. I’m Chrissy. I’m a nurse and work in a hospital in Happy Valley. I work part time, usually Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. I start early. I have to leave home at seven o’clock. I get a bus to Causeway Bay and then get on a Happy Valley tram, arriving just before I have to start work. I start work at eight and finish at six. What do I do during the journey? Please, don’t laugh! I do my knitting. I love to knit and I use my journey time each morning and evening to get some knitting done. Some people look at me very strangely, but I don’t care. I’d hate to waste my time and do nothing during the journey to work.

Voice 4: Good morning. I’m George. I’m a travel agent. My office is in Jordan. I work every day except Sundays. The office is open on a Sunday but it’s my day off. I live in Yuen Long so my journey to work is quite long each day. I leave home at seven thirty each morning. I walk to the nearest Light Rail stop and then I get the MTR to Jordan. I start work at nine but I’m often late by a few minutes. What do I do during my journey to work? Well, I sleep. I don’t read, I don’t listen to music. I catch up on my sleep. Even if I have to stand up for part of the journey, I manage to get some sleep. Have you heard of anyone who can sleep standing up? Well, I can. I finish work at eight thirty and I sleep again on the journey home. Sleeping is my favourite hobby and I’m very good at it. I’m an expert.


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