Script: Listening Exercise 106

Script: Listening Exercise 106

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John Millen used to teach English and French in a secondary school in the UK. He believes telling others about a good book is a brilliant thing to do.

Five people talking about the does and don’ts of DIY.


Jenny: Hello. I’m Jenny. Do you ever do D-I-Y? Do you know what D-I-Y is? It’s Do It Yourself, and that means doing building and maintenance jobs around the house yourself instead of calling in a worksman. Some people do D-I-Y as a hobby. I can never understand that. It’s crazy! Me, I never do any job in the house myself. I always call in a worksman. I know I would make a mess and do everything wrong, so I don’t bother. I once tried to put up some bookshelves in my bedroom, but they fell down after a week. I leaned my lesson then and now I always pay someone who will do the job properly.

Polly: Hi, I’m Polly. I’ve just done my first bit of D-I-Y and I feel very proud of myself. I loved doing it and it’s turned out well. I moved into my first apartment two months ago and I didn’t have any spare money to pay worksmen to come in and do things for me. So, I decided to tackle a small job myself. It wasn’t anything grand, so don’t laugh! I put up a rail on the kitchen wall near my cooker to hang my cooking utensils on.

Cedric: Good morning, I’m Cedric and guess what my hobby is! That’s right! I am a D-I-Y enthusiast. I’ve done lots of stuff in my own apartment and I also do things for my mates. I have just finished putting a wash basin in a friend’s bathroom. It just took me one evening to do and it has made all the difference in the bathroom. I think I will change his toilet and shower next and then the bathroom will look superb. I never charge my friends anything for doing jobs for them because I enjoy it so much, but they usually treat me to a dinner or something like that. D-I-Y is cool. You should try it sometime.

Maggie: I'm Maggie. My husband is a great D-I-Y enthusiast and he’s good at it too. He has done all the recent renovation in our flat. I am very pleased with what he’s done and all our family and friends love the improvements he’s made. But one thing has gone disastrously wrong and we are in a bit of a mess. Brian, my husband, finished renovating the guest bathroom a month ago. He took out the shower and the small bath we had in there and converted the room into a steam room. It looked fabulous when he had finished and it was like we had our own spa. But last night, Mrs Wong, the lady in the flat underneath us, came up to tell us water was dripping through the ceiling in her bedroom from our bathroom. A disaster! I don’t know what we are going to do.

George: Hello. I’m George. I’ve just decided to start doing some basic DIY, but I haven’t tried anything yet. I want to modernise our kitchen. I’m not going to touch the water or the electrics or anything big like that. I am just going to replace the cupboard. I’ve got a DIY manual which I will read before I start anything. It all seems pretty straightforward. I’m going to spend next week doing the planning and then I’ll begin the actual work the week after. Wish me luck!


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