Script: Listening Exercise 105

Script: Listening Exercise 105


Many young people have two jobs. Teddy and two of his friends do six jobs between them. Listen to what they say about their work.

Teddy: Hi. I'm Teddy. I’m turned 25, and I left university a year and a half ago.I did a degree in visual and graphic arts, and I enjoyed every minute of it. My time at university was packed with so many interesting things. And the good thing about the degree I did was that it wasn’t only studying. We had to do lots of practical things as well. A degree in visual and graphic arts offers so many job opportunities. And that is my problem at the moment. There are so many career paths you can follow and I can’t make up my mind which way to go! All the friends I made at university have already chosen their career and are doing very well. But I don’t want to make any mistakes, so I'm trying out a few things. I know I could always change my job if I don’t like what I choose, but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to waste time doing something I don’t really like. So, at the moment I’m doing two very different jobs to see which I like best. I’m working three days a week for a magazine publisher and I’m doing page design. And the other three days I’m working as fashion photographer’s assistant. Both jobs are good, and I haven’t made up my mind which to do full-time. I will make up my mind which one to give up at the end of the year.

Jennie: Good morning. I’m Jennie and I’m in Form 6 at the moment. I want to go to university to study law, but I’m going to take a gap year first and go travelling. I plan to spend a year in Europe. But I'll need a lot of money to do this because my parents won’t be able to help me. I will work when I’m in Europe but I need money before I go, so I have two part-time jobs and will keep them until I leave school. I work in a hairdresser’s for a couple of hours, three evenings a week, and on Saturday I am a swimming instructor in a big hotel. I have swimming and life saving certificates so I got this Saturday job quite easily. I enjoy working at the pool in the hotel and I’m there from nine in the morning until six at night. It’s great fun. A friend of my mother’s owns the hairdresser’s, so that’s how I got that job. It’s very boring. I wash customers’ hair and sweep up and generally keep the salon tidy.

Paula: Hello. I’m Paula. I love working outdoors and I’m very fortunate to have two jobs that I love. Why do I have two jobs? Well, I like variety and the two jobs I do are very different from each other and that’s great. - I don’t have time to get bored. I would hate to do just one job - it would be tedious. From Monday to Thursday inclusive I work in a park in the town centre. I’m one of the six under-gardeners. We do anything the chief gardener tells us to do. We plant plants, sweep up leaves, take care of the trees. We have three motor buggies to use and so I travel round the park from job to job in this cool buggy. I love it! Then on Friday and Saturday I’m an assistant green keeper at a golf club. I work with the boss green keeper to look after the course. It’s important that the grass is in tip-top order all year round so that’s what we do. There is quite a bit of damage done to the grass by golfers walking over it in their boots, and when they hit the grass with their clubs. There isn’t enough work at the golf club for a full-time assistant green keeper so I work part-time. I love both jobs. I’m lucky.


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