Audio: Listening Exercise 57

Audio: Listening Exercise 57

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John Millen used to teach English and French in a secondary school in the UK. He believes telling others about a good book is a brilliant thing to do.

Sandy is a Hong Kong university student spending a year at Imperial College in London. This weekend she is going to Manchester to spend a few days with a friend from Hong Kong who is studying at Manchester University. Sandy is at Victoria Coach Station in London waiting for the coach.

Part 1: Annoucements

Listen to these announcements over the loud speaker system and then answer the questions.

Part 2: Passersby

As Sandy is waiting for the Manchester coach, a few people speak to her. Listen to what they say and then answer the questions.

Part 3: On the coach

Now listen to these announcements that are made on the Manchester during Sandy’s journey and then answer the questions.


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