13 disgusting things people do in public that are really offensive and need to stop

13 disgusting things people do in public that are really offensive and need to stop

You may have heard people commenting on how it's "inappropriate" for women to breastfeed their babies in public. It's not; it's natural and healthy. Unicef HK launched the Say Yes to Breastfeeding campaign to improve the attitude towards it, which is great, but ridiculous that it needs to exist.

But there are many things that people do that are actually offensive. Here's our list of things ... that need to be stopped, and pronto!

1) Not flushing after using the toilet ...

2) ... and leaving without washing their hands. Eww!

3) Urinating on the streets, the MTR, in the corner at the mall. There's a public toilet right there!

4) Not covering their mouths when coughing or sneezing. No germs for me, thanks!

5) Over the top public displays of affection. Erm...save that for when you're alone, yeah?

6) Clipping their nails in public. Gross, gross, gross!

7) Coughing up phlegm ... loudly ...

8) ... and spitting it onto the pavement. It's like a slimy landmine.

9) Being completely inconsiderate when it's raining and shoving their umbrellas right into people around them.  

10) Chewing loudly and with their mouths opened.

11) Eating stinky food on public transport. Can't that durian wait till you're home?

12) Not cleaning up after their pets. We understand that furbabies have to poop too, but just pick up after them, okay?

13) Sticking chewing gum onto public property. Why are you yucky?

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