Contemporary art specialist and auctioneer Jacky Ho told us about Hong Kong’s growing modern art scene, and having a creative job in a business-oriented city.
Young Post’s intrepid intern Joshua Lee volunteered (was forced to) to use a Nokia 105 for a week and here’s what he learned about life with a smartphone.
The Nepalese monk scientifically proven to be the happiest man on earth tells Young Post about the four keys to happiness in a one-on-one interview.
October 31 will be the last day you can check out the creepy Maze of Madness through a mad scientist’s lab, or mix with baddies like Cruella de Vil!
The little drummer boy is coming to town this Christmas. No, not the carol, but Youtube star Igor Falecki...
Answers December 22, page 3, Life: how it all began
Hayley Chan Hei-man has racked up an impressive array of titles and trophies.
Windsurfer Hayley Chan Hei-man showed true grit during the Windsurfing World Cup practice day in Turkey last year...
Proceeds from the sale of placemats will go to charity.
It may be the season to be jolly, but Christmas has become so commercialised they often forget the true meaning of Christmas...
asian game show_L
For Otaku Zone readers stuck in Hong Kong this Christmas, take heart and head to the annual Asian Game Show...
deathly hallows_L
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had opened almost everywhere else in the world before Hong Kong finally got hold of it. But it was worth the wait...
The recent climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, didn't yield revolutionary results. But they did at least take a modest step forward in addressing environmental issues...
Christmas crackers_L
Here are the winning entries and special mentions from our Christmas colouring competition. Merry Christmas!
The earth experienced a global heat wave this year, with record-high temperatures in 17 countries and the global average on track for a new record...
Frank Forencich, founder of Exuberant Animal, during his demonstration of simple physical activity at Victoria Park.
It's a common complaint: students don't get enough physical exercise. But a top American exercise guru believes in the worth of fun, light workouts...
The latest Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is like watching childhood dreams come alive - if you put them through the Hollywood CGI machine...
camp rock2_L
Ever since Camp Rock premiered in 2008, Jonas Brothers fans have been awaiting a sequel...
Iron Man_L
Marvel Comics' most tech savvy character Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, gets "Anime-ted" in an all-new show on Animax...
Rock ‘n’ roll would sound very different without Chuck Berry’s immense contribution. Here are six facts about Berry, who died on Saturday at the age of 90:
Rock n’ roll was more than a new kind of music, but a new story to tell, one for kids with transistor radios in their hands and money in their pockets, beginning to raise questions their parents...
Louise Soloway Chan stood in Sai Ying Pun MTR station in the early hours of the morning and witnessed the crowning moment of six years of hard work.
Flip over your favourite toy and chances are you’ll see “Made in China”, or maybe “Vietnam” or “Japan”. But why don’t we ever see “Made in Hong Kong”? Aren’t we a commercial hub?
This student, whose Facebook post has received close to 10,000 likes, went back to MCS the next day to thank the guard
There’s almost nothing better than a slice of pizza – unless it’s winning a business game at an annual conference against fellow competing Year 12 students.
While watching Edoardo Tanas scud over the waves on his board and wrangle his sail with expert technique, it is easy to forget that the young windsurfer is just 14, and has only been surfing for six...
Author Lynne Barrett-Lee successfully combines two very different genres – war stories and cat tales – into one book.
Clad in flowing robes with waist-length black hair flowing in the breeze, Bo Ningen was one of the most memorable acts at Clockenflap 2015.
Don’t expect the psychedelic quartet’s new album to rock your world – it’s good but it treads old ground.
Laura Marling has become one of the most prolific song writers in the past decade, renowned for changing her style with each record. This month sees the release of her sixth full length Semper Femina.
Being a teenager can feel like a never-ending roller coaster ride. One minute you’re high on happiness – and the next, you’re emotionally crushed. But this is normal, and here’s why
Peer pressure, stress from school, high expectations for exam results ... being a teen in Hong Kong is tough, but there are ways to manage all that and find peace of mind.
Environment minister explains household waste disposal plan, which could have locals using prepaid bags by 2019.
Dragon Noodles Academy gives our Junior Reporters a lesson on modernising traditional dishes.
This week, we asked our readers: If you had to eat the same food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? These are some of our favourite answers!
She will not have the luxury of a honeymoon period that most new office holders enjoy - and must dive headfirst into Hong Kong’s stale social and political problems.
“To take the branch for the root” is one of those wonderful Chinese idioms that don’t translate quite well, but are applicable to many situations. Used to describe things done contrary to logical...
The teenager, who was arrested two years ago as a 14-year-old for her graffiti during the Occupy protests, wants localists like her to “stay true to themselves”.
We all know the deal. Before you can pick up your fork, you have to pick up your phone – because you never ordered it if you didn’t Instagram it.
Cricket has a huge presence here in Hong Kong – find out exactly what the popular sport entails at the Kowloon Cricket Club’s 2017 Summer Cricket Camp.
Organisers believe protesters were dissuaded by police aggression and bad weather.
Survey shows Hong Kong parents are the world’s biggest spenders, followed by those in UAE and Singapore.
A beginner's guide to League of Legends, a free online multiplayer game that is the most popular eSport game in the world.
The body of a pregnant Chinese white dolphin was found off Lamma Island on Sunday. The find comes amid growing concern over the lowest population of the dolphins recorded this year.
A Young Post cadet and LoL enthusiast whipped up to guide to help you through the five major roles and the most beginner-friendly characters.
Fresh off his success at London's BST Festival, the Canadian singer has announced his return to the 852.
Hong Kong’s Alison Yu Chui-yee won two gold medals at the Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Warsaw, Poland, which ended on Sunday.
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s ugly behaviour simply has no place in a civilised world.
We know that getting along with an ‘enemy’ can be tough, but one important aspect of being an adult is learning how to effectively do this in a calm and mature way.
In a tale of aspirations and advice transmitted between characters from two different time periods, this Japanese drama reminds us that strong bonds can be formed through the most mysterious of circumstances.

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