Temperatures to increase by 2.5 to 10 degrees Celsius. More frequent droughts and heat waves. Sea levels rising by more than a metre... Is that the world you want to live in?
The DSE English listening exam is coming up, but there’s no need to panic, or strain your ears. Simply follow our handy tips from the pros for acing the test.
Yip Man, or Ip Man, is well-known for being the founder of wing chun in Hong Kong. He’s the one who brought the martial art over from Guangdong after the Chinese Civil War in 1949.
How can you achieve a high score in this year’s DSE maths exam? A top scorer and a tutor say that one way is to visualise the problems.
1. B 2. 30 billion tonnes of trapped carbon 3. A dangerous amount of greenhouse gases would be released into the atmosphere. 4. (i) T (ii) NG (iii) F
To say that I’m concerned about Disney’s upcoming live-action version of the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast is an understatement.
Missile test launches seem to be a response to huge military drills being held on the Korean peninsula by the United States and South Korea.
First-time author Henry Cheung on the challenges of starting a career in writing, and finding acceptance from online fans.
Back in high school, one of my friends, Will, came into school one day with a funny little cartoon toy attached to his backpack.
While cooperation between North and South Korea might sound unlikely in the real world,Confidential Assignment sees the two Koreas pair up in an effort to catch a tyrant.
Xiu Xiu has seen a lot of line up changes since they started releasing albums in 2002. Now, core members Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo are back with a new record, Forget.
For fans of classic Disney, Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time that will have a place in your heart no matter how old you get.
Ryan Harling started making music with Jasmine Kelly in October 2015 when they decided to cover Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, and discovered they had a natural chemistry.
Following a turbulent couple of years after losing two members, Surfer Blood have returned with their fourth effort Snowdonia.
Lisa Thompson’s debut YA novel is a gripping mystery wrapped around a superbly created central character.
Taking on the Taliban: a little girl's tale
Renaissance College students explain how traditionalists fear for the future of Chinese culture
Students from the Hong Kong International School took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Rush hour is all too often a gridlock, but the emissions from bumper-to-bumper traffic don't have any trouble getting around. Vehicle exhaust fumes are...
Museums are the perfect places to hide secrets. The Scatterhorn Museum in The Museum's Secret is...
Carnegie Medal winner Tim Bowler's teenage psychological thriller Bloodchild holds readers in its vice-like grip from the very first page. A teenage boy is...
It has been said The Founding of a Republic will only appeal to people born after the 1980s who are keen on Chinese history, elderly citizens who lived through...
On their second album If I Am ..., local band Mr show how far they've come in terms of musical craftsmanship and technique. It's...
Mariah Carey's most recent album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel seems to have popped up with relatively little fanfare for the publicity-loving diva. Granted she...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with features writer Ben Sin about the evolution of street ball in Hong Kong.
WHAT’S ON TV? Listen to an announcer giving details about what’s on evening TV for four days this week on a UK channel. When you have heard each evening’s programme schedule, fill in the missing...
Paraplegic Eeva Simons is proof that a physical disability need not bar anyone from taking to the stage and dancing. With deft handling, she can put her wheelchair through...
The first Reporter's Club workshop coming up on 26th October. Check here to see if you're part of the lucky ones attending. Workshop FULL
A debate isn't won on the logic of a team's arguments alone. But by putting forward well-prepared arguments, a team can better protect themselves from...
Your school made it to the finals of one interschool sports competition? Be the reporter of the event!
Top 10 Press Freedom Slogan_L
This week, we asked for slogan ideas for today's World Press Freedom Day.
Junior reporters (L-R): Dhruv Singh, Yasmin Subba, Leanne Cheng, Henry Lui, and Heidi Kwan.
The Venetian Macao has been transformed into a winter wonderland, with all sorts of fun activities and events available to visitors. One of the highlights...
Having a mental illness is often seen as shameful. This means many people try to hide their problems and do not get the help they need. But mental illness like depression is a serious and valid...
I received an invitation a few weeks ago from my college for a party called Halfway Hall. It marks the halfway point for second year students.
Alvin Yuen is causing a racket in the squash world.
Hong Kong has a strong profile in women's squash, while the men are unfairly seen as "not as good". But in years to come, Alvin Yuen Tsun-hei may be the guy to bring men's squash to a new level.
Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Vote for your favourite answer.
Hong Kong has produced some amazing student athletes. But for many of these young sports stars, the city doesn't offer enough exposure or opportunities to enhance their skills. So what's the...
Joseph Zen (front) has been vocal in his support for democratic reform.
Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, as a professor of theology and philosophy, said he'd be willing to teach students who are going to boycott classes next week. He also said that the boycott is not for...
Boxing champion Rex Tso fights a lonely battle in his home city.
At a recent TEDx talk in Hong Kong, junior reporter Anirudh Kannan found out from his schoolmate that economics affects everything
These days, the villagers of Tai O fishing village rely more on tourism than fishing to keep themselves afloat financially.
When I arrived at Tai O fishing village after a 50-minute bus ride from Tung Chung, the first thing that hit me was the pungent odour of salted fish. This smell captures the essence of local fishing...
What got you into trouble when you were a youngster?
A deadly virus has killed most of humanity, and only a small number of people and apes have survived.
What is the best bargain you have ever found?
At 18, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was a big question - one I wasn't sure I could explore at a Hong Kong university.
We have tickets to give away to the Fifth Harmony concert on March 31, WITH meet & greet tickets, too! Details below!
Success in the long jump is not as simple as it sounds, and practising the right techniques is essential, but this local athlete has learned how to do it.
If you love Cali-Mex (and really, who doesn’t love Cali-Mex) but you’re getting a little tired of the ever-popular sour cream and avocado-laden burritos, wander over to Mamasita’s Cantina.

What does spring mean to you?