Temperatures to increase by 2.5 to 10 degrees Celsius. More frequent droughts and heat waves. Sea levels rising by more than a metre... Is that the world you want to live in?
The DSE English listening exam is coming up, but there’s no need to panic, or strain your ears. Simply follow our handy tips from the pros for acing the test.
Yip Man, or Ip Man, is well-known for being the founder of wing chun in Hong Kong. He’s the one who brought the martial art over from Guangdong after the Chinese Civil War in 1949.
Ray Kroc might not be a familiar name to you, but you’ve almost certainly tried burgers and fries from the restaurant he built into an fast food empire.
Nikolai Fraiture is more commonly known for playing bass in iconic New York rock band The Strokes, though this isn’t his first time going it alone (his previous solo project was called Nickel Eye).
It is just over a year after Hong Kong post-hardcore band Four Quarters is back with a new single, Tongues. But, a lot has changed.
This week, we asked our readers: What would you do if you had HK$1 million that you had to spend in one week? Here are our favourite answers
Nine Hong Kong secondary school students recently won the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Australia.
My parents got divorced when I was young. My younger brother and I were brought up by our grandparents, uncle and aunt, and we lived with our two cousins.
Lots of people know about Thai and Indian cuisine, but fans of spicy food should also try Indonesian.
There is an intense debate whether the recently introduced BCA (Basic Competency Assessments) is good for primary school students.
Making our unique personal stories come to life enriches the cultural life of our city, teaches us about real-life history and helps us all understand each other.
Operators have expanded their menus to include traditional snacks such as fish balls and siu mai to boost business amid mixed fortunes.
The pro-establishment camp has criticised the recent ruling by District Court judge David Dufton, who sent seven police officers to jail for assaulting activist Ken Tsang.
Despite the uproar caused by the ruling against the seven police officers, Hong Kong’s independent judiciary remains a beacon for the mainland.
CNN is teaming up with young people around the world for a student-led day of action on March 14.
Last weekend’s rowing championship kicked off with a bang as Lam Tsz-chung from Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School (CYS) claimed top spot
Hunting is a way of life in the Arctic. It's part of the Inuit culture and it helps save money when food is unaffordable. Aboard Silent Sound, we've...
The first time I saw one I couldn't believe my eyes. I checked the charts, looked through the binoculars and asked the crew to double check what I saw. A small island had...
Silent Sound has turned the corner and we're heading south and towards home. Soon we will again cross the Arctic Circle, marking the official end of the Northwest Passage and...
Silent Sound has crossed the Arctic Circle - this means we have completed the Northwest Passage and are leaving the Arctic behind us as we head south and towards home. We entered...
University student Frank Wang Tao spends most of his leisure time with model helicopters, and one of his hi-tech creations this summer pulled off the world's first...
TIM: Hi, this is listening plus. You’re with Timothy Chui and today I’ll be speaking with Paul Mozur, a freelance writer based in Asia who just got back from a month in Xinjiang. Thanks for joining...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with Paul Mozur, a freelance writer based in Asia who just got back from a month in Xinjiang.
The meaning of the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' is that we can't simply judge people only by their appearances.
The HKCEE results were released recently to both smiles and tears. Some potentially straight-A students were shocked to find they barely passed.
Sam looks for a flat Sam comes from UK. She’s got a job as a research engineer for a company located in the Science Park in Shatin. Sam is talking to a rental agent in Tai Po about finding a flat....
Sam looks for a flat Sam comes from UK. She’s got a job as a research engineer for a company located in the Science Park in Shatin. At the moment, Sam is talking to a rental agent in Tai Po about...
Huang Li went to art school at the age of 13 to learn how to be a face-changing Sichuan Opera performer against the wishes of her parents. In their opinion, the prospects were...
Forget the Monday blues. A study has found that Wednesday is the killjoy of the week. Two applied mathematicians from the University of Vermont, United States, gathered information from...
To help you in your first assignment as news photographer, SCMP Photo Editor Yves Sieur gives you fives points to keep in mind.
How to make good graphic designs? South China Morning Post’s Art Director Terry Pontikos gives you 10 tips to start on the right foot.
The students are shown in the Facebook clip in which they appear to promote the proposal for electoral reform.
A video showing students supporting the government's plans for political reform has been made public online, without their consent.
Talking Points_L
Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong...
More than 320 students took part in the event, representing different countries and alliances across the globe.
A new addition to this year's HKMUN was the Model Legislative Council, with 53 students playing the role of lawmakers. And as expected, the student lawmakers ruled that Hong Kong should have more...
Young Post team took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge too!
Unless you've been hiding under a giant bucket this summer, you've probably watched countless celebrities take on the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote...
Young Post web sub-editor Heidi Yeung (L) can kick it (yes she can) with Mike Dacuno after a month at Versus.
When Heidi Yeung volunteered for martial arts, some doubted whether this beauty fiend would be able to handle it. Turns out there's some fight behind that make-up and glowing skin.
The YouTube sensation has a message for you: "Life is more fun when you smile and make people happy. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new: you will learn a lot."
Worried about starting university? Not to worry, the YP team, all of who have survived university in some way, offers you some advice
You might want to sit down for this ... One Direction are rumoured to be taking a year-long split in March
Having built her audience through YouTube, singer Kina Grannis entered the music industry fully formed. Candace Kwan steps into her world ahead of her Southeast Asian tour.
We've got tickets to 1D's very first Hong Kong gig - and you could be there singing along if you enter our Instagram competition
Dai pai dongs on Stanley Street in Central.
Soaring rents mean restaurants are charging more. Would licencing dai pai dongs help?
Each week, our two teenagers will debate a hot topic. This week ...
Some girls' dreams came true at One Direction's first Hong Kong concert on Wednesday.
The screaming was so loud on Wednesday night, I was pretty convinced some eardrums would rupture.
I enjoy studying abroad and learning to be independent. But I also miss being at home. I love being able to see my family and dogs after a long day of studying.
We have tickets to give away to the Fifth Harmony concert on March 31, WITH meet & greet tickets, too! Details below!
Success in the long jump is not as simple as it sounds, and practising the right techniques is essential, but this local athlete has learned how to do it.
If you love Cali-Mex (and really, who doesn’t love Cali-Mex) but you’re getting a little tired of the ever-popular sour cream and avocado-laden burritos, wander over to Mamasita’s Cantina.

What does spring mean to you?